To the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board (NCHILB) Online Complaint System

    Anyone may submit a complaint against a North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector.

    The following questions are intended to simplify this process for allegations of misconduct where the inspector did not meet the minimum requirements of the NCHILB Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

    For example,
    • ... the inspector is required to secure the client's signature on a written contract before performing the home inspection
    • ... the field inspection requires specific actions by the licensee such as entering the attic and crawlspace, observing and inspecting various systems and components, and operating and/or testing equipment
    • ... the written summary and report must state, describe and report defective conditions regarding various systems and components of the home at the time of the inspection

    In your business dealings with the home inspector please select the most appropriate description of your relationship from the following choices:

    Complaint Timeline

    Complaints submitted to the NC Department of Insurance typically flow through the following timeline:
    1. Complaint Submitted
    2. Less than a week:
      Acknowledgement of Complaint, notices sent to responsible parties
    3. Less than a month:
      Inspector's response received
    4. Less than 2 months:
      Site visit
    5. Less than 90 days:
      Investigation Review Committee (IRC) presented with findings
    6. Less than 180 days:
      IRC results presented to Home Inspector's Board for review and action