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    NC Code Officials Qualification Board Online Complaint System

    Anyone who believes that a Code Enforcement Official (CEO) is or has been engaged in any conduct as set out in NC General Statute § 143-151.17(a) may file a written complaint against that CEO, signed by the complainant, dated and certified by a Notary on a form that will be provided.

    Supporting documentation may be included, such as reports by independent consultants. Complaints are processed in the order they are received by the Engineering Division. A copy of the complaint is provided to the CEO for a written response.

    Prior to submitting a complaint against a CEO, we recommend that you contact one of the Board's investigators to discuss the nature of the complaint and the supporting documentation required. They are:

    Mike Hejduk mike.hejduk@ncdoi.gov (919) 647-0024
    Sam Whittington sam.whittington@ncdoi.gov (919) 647-0028
    Jeff Griffin jeff.griffin@ncdoi.gov (919) 647-0102
    Bonnie Bentley bonnie.bentley@ncdoi.gov (919) 647-0105

    Pursuant to NC General Statute § 143-151.19(a), the Engineering Division of the NC Department of Insurance provides technical and administrative staff to the Board and investigates complaints on behalf of the Board.

    Upon receipt of a complaint, the Engineering Division's staff will review it to ensure that it complies with the requirements of NC General Statute § 143-151.17 and 11 NCAC 08.0801. You may be contacted to provide more information.

    Staff does not conduct a complete building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspection of houses or buildings which are the subject of a complaint against an inspector. The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support the allegations listed in the complaint.

    At the conclusion of the investigation staff will report to the Board. The Board will determine further action which may include a disciplinary hearing. As an alternative the Board's staff and the CEO may attempt to resolve the complaint by means of a voluntary settlement agreement (VSA). Such VSA may impose upon the CEO a penalty, or penalties, including the following: requiring the inspector to take training or educational courses, probation, letter of reprimand, suspension or revocation of certificates. Consent agreements presented to the Board may be accepted as written, modified and sent back to the licensee for agreement, or rejected.

    Complaint Timeline

    Complaints submitted to the NC Department of Insurance typically flow through the following timeline:
    1. Complaint Submitted
    2. Less than a week:
      Acknowledgement of Complaint, notices sent to responsible parties
    3. Less than a month:
      Inspector's response received
    4. Less than 2 months:
      Site visit (if found to be necessary)
    5. Less than 180 days:
      Investigation results presented to the NC Code Officials Qualification Board for review and action